Earworm of the Week - Eurovision 2011 edition

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week we want to tell you about the Eurovision Song Contest. If you follow any of us on twitter you might have seen a few  *cough*lots*cough* tweets about this competition on Saturday night.  If you don't know the Eurovision, it's a competition where every country is represented by a singer/band and every country votes for its favorite. It's usually very funny because some songs are just damn hilarious.  We got quite a few weird songs and now we want to share we you...*evil grin*

Ireland: Jedward - Lipstick

Caroline: Having never watch X-factor I had no idea who these guys were (I was lucky indeed). These twins with the weird Gaga costumes and and weirder hairdo made me laugh. When I first saw it I really didn't like it...and sadly...now it's stuck in my head. AHHHH. It's my earworm of the week!

Susi: I agree those two make my eyes hurt. And actually love red LOL. And the song is awfully catchy. *bobs along while blushing* And the is the first sign of the bad shoulder trend this year. LOL

Caroline: Indeed we we attacked by weird shoulder thingies from a few different countries (see Angel song)

Moldova: Zdob&Zdub - So Lucky
Caroline: I thought that this was the funniest song of the show. I would have voted for them. They were funny and the song was catchy. At first when I saw their costume I went all O_o o_O.

Susi: I love the Moldava one. LOVE it is awesome and bf already bought the song yesterday at like 2 AM. You see what I will sing all week. I lurve the crazy. And the hats are just awesomesauce. LMAO

Recap of all the songs: The winners are the #19
Caroline:  I had a soft spot for the Greece song (#9). Ok let's be honest...that singer is just too damn hot and his voice is smexy. Too bad there was another singer with him singing Rap o_O It tooooooootally ruined the song. But damn the guy was some good eye candy. I took an immediate dislike for Sweden's singer (#7). He will definitely not be 'popular' with me. I felt like it was addressed to teenagers. Some songs were just plain boring and some countries had very weird clothes.  I am SOOOO disappointed that Azerbaijan (#19) won. OMG it just sucks. O_O  I did enjoy Slovenia (#20) which as Susi pointed out reminded of Christina Aguilera. Iceland's song (#21) was really good but it's a bit sad cause one of their member died. But I really liked the song. Ukraine (#23) also known as Were-Eagle lady, was fun to watch because there was this woman drawing with sand on the screen, and it was impressive. Serbia (#24) was just too cute!! I loved the 60s theme and the song was catchy. I really liked it.

Susi: I so agree about Greek. That guy was OMFG hawt. Don't tell BF. But the rapper ruined it. I hated Sweden (#7) and the UK (#14)- boyband *puke* and LMAO the french guy didn't even comb his hair. And Lena's song wasn't that bad but too mysterious LOL (that's what they advertised it like here on tv) And I also really like the Jazz song from Italy (#12). And the Iceland band was really cute too and the heartbreaking story behind the song. *sniffs* And LMAO Ukraine (#23) and the killed cherubs. LOL And yes again I agree about the Serbia song. We are musical twins. LOL And Azerbaijan (#19) was so bad- they sang so bad. Really don't get it.

Caroline: Ohh yes I forgot about the Italy guy! He was quite good! *g*

Have you watched the Eurovision? 
Which was your favorite? Which was the worst in your opinion?
Who would have you voted for?
Anyone else suffering from the Jedward earworm syndrom? 


Blodeuedd said...

Greece still gives me goosebumps, good I love that song minus rapper of course. And you all know I hate Azer and Sweden too ;) buuuuuuuuuuu

SusiSunshine said...

@Blodeuedd Yes it was sooo good - rap. And looked good too. ;) *joins the booooing*

pattepoilue said...

@Blodeuedd Damn that Greece guy could have won without the rapper. Damn it!
NOM nom NOM nom
Buuuhouuuu indeed <_< I'm sad at the results. *sigh*

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I only saw a few, but agree: the Ireland song is so damn catchy! THe Greek guy yummy indeed! :-D Loved the Serbia dress and setup, so cute, I also liked the Estonian setting (and the singer's dress was cute-sexy), though the song wasn't that great. Me I liked the Swiss song until the woman started singing ;-D I know, I'm evil :-)

Didn't see Lena's song, but she sure is pretty :-)

grr now I can't shake the Irish twins' song from my head, I blame you Susi & Caro! :-)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

lol. On the first video I was worried that they would hurt their heads bouncing them on those shoulder pieces like that. lol. Great post!

pattepoilue said...

@Stella The Swiss song was so boring and plain. mehhhh.
If it can make you feel better....I fell sleep with the song 'Popular' in my head (Swede). *headdesk* *headdesk*

@Melissa They are just so....full of energy O_O lol I watched their Music video shot in Paris, it's hilarious. (yes I'm a sucker for punishments lol)

SusiSunshine said...

@Stella LOL She got a Lipstick....la la la la...ahhhhhh!!!! This post was a bad idea. LMAO will never get this song out of my head. ;)

@Melissa LMAO so true!

Jackie said...

Yeah, Ireland's offering looked like a regurgitation of what people in the 1980's thought the future would be like :-p I'm not even sure if it was televised here but if I had known, I totally would have watched it. I'm off to look for the rest of the videos to see what's what...Greece up first, I think ;-)

Anna said...

Who would have thought that most people would disagree on the rap part of the song of Greece!Let me tell you that was the last we were afraid would be our downfall!Most people were bitching about Loukas singing in Greek and the fact that the music was sth most europeans weren't really accustomed.But I have to agree,Loukas is HOT!Other than that I loved Georgia's song as well!

To whomever wants to check out for more Loukas here's a link:

SusiSunshine said...

@Jackie Woooot, we hooked you up! YAY. And OMG now I will thing Jedward for the rest of day- again. LOL

@Anna Ohhh I loved how he sang. It was incredible and OMG he is a hunk. Eyecandy as it bests. Let me assure you, at least the female part of Europe very much approved. LOL Ohhh and I will so youtube stalk him now. Bwahahhah. Thank you!

pattepoilue said...

@Jackie Damn it! Every time I check the post for comments I end up with Ireland's song stuck in my head! O_O I'm not a huge fan of the 80's but LOL yes that's kinda sad they thought the future would look like that.

@Anna Really???? Greece thought we wouldn't like it coz of the whole singing in Greek part? Wow. I actually thought it made t better. It's sad that every song is in English now...it's the freaking Eurovision!! It should be in lots of languages!
Oh my...Loukas is just soooooooooo hot and has a fantastic voice. NOM NOM NOM thank you for the link *g* I will go drool now *g*

Anna said...

Glad I wasn't the only one drooling over while watching this year's Eurovision!And yes,the rap part was the ok part of the song for us!People here constantly bitched about how no one will know what zeimbekiko is and how the music is so foreign,but on the other hand that's the whole reason behind this show.I loved it from day one,especially considering all the other songs we thought about sending...Horrible in the least!

SusiSunshine said...

@Anna We loved him and still do. Even though we think he should have get undressed before taking a bath (<== Caro thought of that) LOL

vvb32 reads said...

so cool! the moldova one made me smile, love their gnome-ish hats ;-D

SusiSunshine said...

@vvb32 Me too. *sings again*

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