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Saturday, June 11, 2011

So today we were both thinking about what to post and thought it would be fun to share our latest acquisitions with you. Not so much fun because now I feel BAD. *head hangs in shame* So here you can see what fed our addiction in the last 2 weeks:

Susi: I might admit that I went a bit book shopping crazy and it seems I have to stop cuz the TBR shelves are full now. But look at the pretties. I got the signed Lauren Dane book from Stacie aka @GeishasMom73. She got it signed at RT and it took only 8 weeks to reach me. LOL I think the ladies at the German customs enjoyed this one. I bought the Olivia Cunning books cuz Caro dared me to get over my prudish self and now I have them and just have to start reading. LOL I wanted to buy Fragile for ages and it was on bargain at Book Depository so I just couldn’t resist. The cover is sooooo pretty. I love it. I bought Wasteland cuz I wanted the Lilli Feisty story and it has one by Eden Bradley and Sabrina @ About Happy Books always loves her books so I thought I should try them. (yes I notice that I have an explanation for everything LOL).

Caroline: Muahahaha and to think that I haven’t even read the Cunning book yet. I feel machiavellic *g* And Susi ...lol @ having an explanation for every book you ordered. I swear it’s the same for me and Netgalleys!
Susi: Has from The Book Pushers just wouldn’t stop raving about Vaughan’s books so I finally gave up and bought it. Hexed was a must buy cuz it has an Ilona Andrews story and I auto buy all her books. LOL The Thea Harrison book was actually a lucky coincidence. I swaped it for another book with Sullivan McPig. *g*
Susi: Yes I have a bit of contemporary phase right now. I won the Nora Roberts at Ally’s place. Unfortunately the German post hates me and damaged it while forcing it into my mailbox but non of the important pages is ruined so it’s okay. Still makes me sad. =( The rest were actually rec’s I got on twitter when I asked for contemp novels that rock. I so can’t wait to start the Lisa Kleypas ones! I lurved Sugar Daddy so much!
And let’s not talk about ebooks! *hides behind her new books*

Caro’s loot:
Caro: I have been (relatively) good this last 2 weeks. I will admit that I pre-ordered quite a few books though . But they don’t count...yet *wink*.
Usually when I order books I don’t read them asap, sometimes it takes months (*cough* years) before I read them. But I’ve been a good girl this month. On the pic, those are the books I got in the last 2 weeks. I’ve already read 4 and am reading the 5th. *g*

- The Wedding of the Century (anthology) I wanted the Charlotte Featherstone story SO bad!! NOM NOM
- Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
- Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn Soooo cuuuuuuute
- Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison Hot hero *g*
- Hexed by Kevin Hearne ok so maybe I also got the Audiobook. But it’s totally worth it. <3 <3 <3 I’m in love with this series
- Hexed (anthology) I got this one for the Ilona Andrews story only.
- Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance I can’t wait for the Pritkin love.

So you see, in comparison to a certain German lady I won’t name...I feel like I have been a good girl *g*. I’ll still admit that I have a Netgalley addiction that I need to address (translation Susi is making me stick to a reviewing plan and I am on a Netgalley diet starting today! <==yes because i requested a book yesterday lol).

Susi: Gah I forgot Magic Slays and Kiss of Snow in my pics. *hides some more* And I want my copy of Hunt the Moon. Still not here. *super sad*

Since we started our 12 step program to stop ordering/requesting so many books, anyone has tips on how to do that? ;)
Anyone wanna hold our hair while we pu...huh I mean stare at empty Ordering Basket?
Do you always have a ‘good reason’ to buy a book? (Yes i’m talking about Susi’s explanations)


Sullivan McPig said...

You mean that me wanting to have the book isn't reason enough to buy it? ;-)

@Susi: The German mailmen sound like the Dutch mailmen. They always kaap my books hostage And try to dump my packages at one of the neighbours if I'm not at the door in 2 seconds.

Blodeuedd said...

The only good excuse is that I need them to function ;)

But I am a good girl so I seldom order books. I try to live for xmas and my bday (and my name days) and tell everyone what to buy. Yes I have lists *blush*

And in the middle I just go insane sometimes and get books

pattepoilue said...

@Sullivan McPig I know! It should be reason enough. lol Sadly when my parents asks me 'you can't possibly read all the books you buy, can you?' I can't very well say i just want the books =P They's think i'm crazy.

@Blodeuedd You're a SAINT! Seriously I wish I had your self-restraint. It's already killing me to try and stop requesting Netgalleys. I mean come on I've only started a week ago and I already failed once =P

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Ooh Ladies, I'm green with envy! :-( I want those pretties for myself! lol :-D

And sorry but Susi "to get over your oprudish self", that had me choking of laughter, Susi you a prude? after Menage by Emma Holly? still roaring of laughter LMAO! :-D

I can't wait to read Dragon Bound, everyone keeps praising it! And Susi I love the cover of Smooth Talking Stranger, for that alone I would consider buying it :-) And Caro I agree, Julia QUinn's book looks lovely! :-D

Now I have to go and stare a bit at my opwn books, I feel sad I don't have new books :-(( happy now Girls? ;-p lol

Ally said...

Some really good books there ladies!

Sorry Suzi but out of the two of you it clearly seems you have a problem! Happily though if your family haven't started planning an intervention yet it looks like your safe. Although it's funny how you have a reason for every book you bought but I do that too if I think my boyf looks at me funny because I bought too many books one month :D

pattepoilue said...

@Stella Awwww *hugs*
Ah! LOL I feel like telling on Susi while she's at work. So Stella you see, a few months ago when the first Cunning book was released someone posted an excerpt and Susi when all *ewwwwww barf barf* while reading about a rim-job scene.
It was HILARIOUS! I kept mentioning this book to her to gross her out. (yes I'm evil)
So I dared her to read it *g* Muahahahah
Hence the prudish comment

I just finished Dragon Bound and it was really good. I was happily surprised about it.
I <3 the Quinn book. What a marvelous author. *happy sigh*

@Ally *g* You can't imagine how happy it made me to realize Susi had been the craziest this month.*g* Of course I won't be as proud when all my pre-orders hit the mailbox LOL

SusiSunshine said...

@Sullivan McPig Hey, I'm completely on your side. Wanting a book should be enough.

@Blodeuedd I envy your self restriction. It seems I lost that sometime in the last 2 years.

@Stella I'm so prudish when it comes to rimming and it makes go all YUCK. You should see the wonderful convos I had with Caro about that. LOL And I was so happy to get Dragon Bound. *g* And yes Smooth Talking Stranger is really pretty- Nothing like Sugar Daddy. LOL

@Ally No worries hon. It's not your fault. And let's say it this way- I think bf doesn't know which books in my shelves are new. LOL and then he knows I win giveaways- I won't tell him how many though. *hides in shame* I am an addict. *sigh*

@pattepoilue You know it will be your fault if I actually have to barf while reading. LOL

Aurian said...

Lol, I guess we are all book addicts! I am a bit ashamed myself at ordering almost a hundred books at the Bookdepository because they were soooo cheap with that 10 percent discount! So I have told myself no more new books till the next discount ;) which of course did not mean secondhand books ;).
No, I do not, nor want to restrain myself in buying books, as I enjoy reading them too much.

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